Patient First Philosophy:

In April 2016 I put a few thoughts down regarding what it takes to provide a good session for our clients.
This piece was well received and shared on various therapy forums.
I thought I would share it with you to give you a better idea of my philosophy and what you can expect from me.

Contemplating what goes into providing a good therapy session for our clients.

Over the last 20 years, I've been on a lot of treatment tables. Sometimes for an unlicensed student taking her first class. Sometimes getting treated by someone w decades of experience. No matter, there are some things that should be present in any treatment session.

When someone is on our table - it is about them. Period. Never about ego or proving what we know. Dr Upledger taught us to meet the client where they are at. It is never about us. If we make it about us, we fail this basic principle.
-and, anytime we seek to assist someone else, it needs to be about them. This doesn't just apply to therapy.

Another component of a great therapy session - Heart!
I remember two occasions when I was on a student's table and was wowed by their touch. So effective and compassionate. When I inquired into their training, neither had a license or any training whatsoever! Each was taking this first class in order to help a loved one. Compassion / truly caring about the person who is entrusting themselves to our care is a key component of providing the best therapy possible.

Another part of a good therapy session is that it is ALL about the person on the table. Sure, I seem to be repeating the first point but, this goes beyond that. If we want to really provide a service that is above and beyond, we must care about each aspect of the person's experience and make it the best possible. When someone checks in to make sure I'm comfortable and takes the extra couple of moments to just give that little bit more, that means something. When someone gets on our table they want to feel well taken care of. It only takes a moment to provide that little bit extra that makes all the difference.

Lastly, for me anyway, PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS! I am amazed and disappointed at how many therapists fail this basic tenet of good medicine.

Two clients saw this post and responded:
I have received treatment from Jeff and I know he practices what he writes. A compassionate and skilled man. Thanks Jeff. ~Michael Watt

I totally agree Michael. I too have had treatment from Jeff. And he practices as he speaks. ~Lynn F

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