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As a Physical Therapist / CranioSacral practitioner, I naturally have high expectations for the therapists who treat me. That's why I choose Jeff Overstreet as my personal therapist. He is not only an amazing therapist, but also an outstanding human being! Jeff has chosen to provide his services in-home. For me, that means being able to receive a treatment session in the evening, after work hours, in the comfort of my own home, and roll right into bed afterwards.
More importantly, Jeff is a masterfully skilled professional. He has a keen sense for diagnostics, and goes right to the root of malfunction. He takes all the time necessary to work through every area of discomfort, until the body comes to a natural stopping point, never making you feel rushed or incomplete.
Jeff also pays attention to the whole person, frequently checking in if you are comfortable (whether physically or emotionally ). I have a standing monthly appointment with Jeff, as part of my self care routine. I always feel great after every session, and am pain free and energized !
Ann Granjé RPT
Faith, Hope & Love PT, Inc.

Jeff Overstreet brings to each session and client a vast wealth of knowledge, skill and caring. Impeccable character as well. He helped enormously with a complicated recovery and continues to be invaluable to this day. He is a rare gem.
Nancy Westphal LMT, CST-D

This letter is to show our appreciation for what Jeff has done for me. A friend referred Jeff and said that he's a great therapist. I was suffering muscle spasm which affected my right leg. It was a constant spasm that lasted two weeks. I went to the ER 2x. Both times morphine, percocet and OTC meds didn't help. So when my friend mentioned Jeff, I had nothing to lose. It was the best decision that I ever made. He came to the house and the first treatment lasted 2 1/2 hours. I felt relief for the first time. This is the third treatment and he did what the doctors couldn't achieve.
Thank you for everything!!
Val De Souza

Six months before seeing you, I was told I had bulging discs pressing on my Sciatic Nerve and severe stenosis. Only an operation decompressing the discs and fusion would help me get better. The pain was intense from the right low back, down my right leg traveling to the toes, with tingling and numbness. I could not stand with out pain after sitting and could not reach up or stand on my feet to make meals or get ready for my daily activities without intense pain.
After months of PT, pain management and epidural shots, 18 weeks on the DRX9000 machine, I turned to you.
Today, I can get up from sitting without pain shooting down my right leg - walk without a cane or walker and am able to perform my activities of daily living. Having to be a caretaker to my husband, thank you can not describe the words for giving me back my life.
I was praying for a "miracle" and then you came along. I am better because of you.
Louise Hallam

I have known Jeff going on eight years and have always had a profound respect for his knowledge and skill. Jeff is a consummate professional and an asset to my well-being. His treatments produce lasting results, restore my full range of motion and improve my wellness. At each opportunity, Jeff has gone above and beyond expectations of standard care in this day and age, and left me feeling vastly improved in the shortest time period possible - same and next day! Thank you, Jeff.
Nina Kauder

Thank you again for delivering on your promise. You eradicated my chronic lower back pain and restored me to pain-free movement.
Since the treatments finished, I continue to thrive pain-free with help from the still point inducer and other core exercises you showed me.
I certainly recommend you to anyone suffering chronic pain. ~B.T.

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